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Tev-Tropin HGH

Teva Pharmaceuticals make the Tev-Tropin HGH pen

Tev-tropin HGH from Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. It can be administered using the HGH pen. The pen contains the HGH vial containing 15iu or 5mg of human growth hormone. The vials are easily interchangeable and can be replaced with a fresh one when used up. You must mix the HGH yourself with the bacteriostatic water provided. The resulting solution can either be injected with a normal syringe into a fold of body fat.   Or you can use the T-Jet pen from Teva Pharmaceuticals. This is a pen which can administer the HGH without a needle.

You must reconstitute the powder yourself

We don’t actually stock the Tjet HGH pen at the moment and so we only sell the Tev-tropin vials which you must mix and inject yourself using a regular or insulin syringe. Or the previous version of Teva’s HGH pen which used a needle.

Tjet pen from Teva which can administer the HGH without the use of a needle. We don’t stock this type of pen at 5kits and so you must mix the powder yourself and inject using a syringe or the earlier version of the Tev-tropin pen.

10x15iu Vials $800

Teva make a lot of generic products

I actually worked at Teva in the UK, not making HGH but salbutamol the asthma inhaler drug. Teva follow strict guidelines to ensure that their products are contaminant free. The room where the actual drug is sealed into the vials is fully automated to prevent contamination by workers. Its also under positive air pressure to make sure no bacteria can enter via an airborne route. After the Tev-tropin is sealed in the vials it travels out on a conveyor belt where it is packaged using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Teva take cleanliness very seriously and we were often pulled out of the production line to have our hands swabbed to check for bacteria.

Tev-tropin 15iu vial with the water to mix it with


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