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Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone enanthate is often referred to as “Test E” or just Test. Its one of the most powerful and androgenic of the injectable testosterone based steroids. It will enable the user to put on muscle mass and increase strength quickly. It gives a feeling of well being. Increases appetite and heightens the sex drive. Its usually taken in does of 250mg-750mg per week. Testosterone enanthate is often stacked with other steroids, both oral and injectable.Its often been used as a hormone replacement therapy for those with little or no natural testosterone of their own. Testosterone cypionate was also often used for the same reason.Testosterone enanthate can cause increased masculinity in the user. It can cause increased aggression, more facial and body hair, heightened libido, deepening voice and a more pronounced jaw line. For this reason its not recommended for women.

200x250mg amps  testosterone enanthate  $400

200x250mg amps testosterone enanthate $400

Testosterone Enanthate can be converted to Estrogen

There is an enzyme in the body which can convert testosterone enathate to estrogen. The enzyme is called Aromatase and if a steroid is said to be “aromatizable” it means this enzyme can affect it. Unfortunately Test E is aromatizable. This causes a release of estrogen into the body which is not a good thing for two reasons. Firstly, and in my view worst. Is that estrogen can cause the formation of breast tissue in the male. Once this has been formed it cannot be gotten rid of without  surgery. Secondly, it causes water retention. The good news though is that they can both be avoided by taking the right ancillary drugs. Nolvadex or Arimidex will stop estrogen having an effect. It will not stop the formation of estrogen but it will stop it working. It does this by bind to the estrogen receptors in the relevant tissues and blocking the real estrogen from binding there.

You will need to stimulate your  natural testosterone production after a course of “Test E”

When you take this steroid, your own bodies natural testosterone production will shut down, This is because your body detects an excess of it and so stops making it. When you finish the course it will be a few weeks before your body starts producing it again. Its this few weeks when the body is low in testosterone that some muscle losses can occur. It can also cause impotence and the inability to get an erection. Taking nolvadex after the cycle will quickly boot up your testicles and get thins moving again. Clomid performs the same function but usually nolvadex is preferred.

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