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Testosterone Cypionate, reviews, info

Buy cypionate but be careful its light sensitive

Cypionate is quite a powerful injectable steroid which has predominantly been popular in the USA. It was often prescribed in the USA as a treatment for low testosterone. Cypionate has a high potential for conversion to estrogen and so water retention can be something of a problem with this steroid. Its not as potent as testosterone enanthate weight for weight as the cypionate ester attached to the testosterone molecule is heavier than the enanthate product.In fact its usually 100mg per ml of cypionate concentration compared to 250mg per ml of enanthate. So you can easily see that you have to inject more volume to get the same hit of testosterone. Buy cypionate only if you cant get Test E.

Cypionate needs to be injected in larger volumes than enanthate

Cypionate is also more susceptible to UV light and will break down quite quickly in strong sunlight. Its for this reason the oily liquid is usually stored in coloured glass. Like any testosterone product taken in excess cyp will suppress the bodies natural testosterone production and so a you should take something to stimulate your natural testosterone production. This would normally be at the end of the cycle and is usually a drug such as Nolvadex or Clomid or perhaps HCG.


Cypionate side effects

These can be quite severe. Male pattern baldness, oily skin, acne and of course water retention. Something else you have to be aware of is gyno with this product. Those who are sensitive to estrogen would be well advised to have to proviron or even better arimidex on hand to counter this. Gyno is better prevented because as we know it cannot be cured except through surgery. Nobody would want that.

Cypionate has all the bad side effects associated with testosterone and only some of the good points. Its probably better to use Testoviron (testosterone enanthate) in its place if you can get it. These days cypionate is not a very popular steroid.

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