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5 Kits Taitropin

10 vials x 10 IU each. Total 100 IU (33 mg) of recombinant Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin). Proper 191 amino acid sequence. Brand name Taitropin. Origin country is China


5 kits Taitropin 500iu $800

10 kits taitropin 1000iu $1400

Taitropin HGH

Buy Taitropin HGH from China

Buy Taitropin, made in China by the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Holdings Company. The product is licensed under the Chinese Authorities. Taitropin is often overlooked as it doesn’t have the instant recognition factor of some of the other brands of freeze dried HGH powders. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Taitropin. It came about after the stopping of production of Kigtropin. A lot of the staff who used to make the latter came over to work on production of Taitropin. So really it can be thought of as the same product just under a different name whilst Kigtropin was unavailable.

Today Taitropin and Kigtropin can both be found on the market


Taitropin stayed around after the return of Kigtropin and there is really very little difference between them. Lab tests show them both to be comparable with relatively high purity and little contamination which can often be a problem with downstream processing of recombinant growth hormone. Taitropin is the full 191 amino acid somatropin product with no 192 contamination so you should not get any adverse reaction.

So where can I buy Taitropin?

Well apart from us here at 5 Kits there are a few other places you can buy it at. Even though the product has nothing really to do with Thailand you can actually buy it there. Its available at a few select pharmacies (you cant buy HGH at every pharmacy in Thailand they have to be especially licensed, or bribe the local police) The cheapest place probably in Thailand to buy Taitropin is Pattaya. You can get it in Bangkok although it is more expensive there. Just a word of warning if you are planning on buying Taitropin HGH whilst in Thailand. Make sure the product has been stored under the correct temperature. Ive walked into some of these pharmacies and its often stored just under the counter even when stinking hot.

Buy Taitropin because its a much improved product

Taitropin Fibre seal

When Taitropin first came on the scene it was comparable to Kigtropin, today however it is a much improved product. Buying Taitropin is no longer the gamble it used to be. The quality of both the product and the packaging is much better than the early days of the product. It seems the Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Holdings Company has put a lot of effort and money into improving their product.

Buy Taitropin for all the usual benefits of HGH

Taitropin is somatropin HGH and as such has all the usual benefits. These include, increased muscle mass, younger skin, increased bone mass, loss of body fat, increased libido and generally more energy.

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