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We ship steroids all over the world and never really have any problems, losing the odd package now and then. Except for Australia. If you’ve ever watched:

Border security Australia the TV show you will know what I mean


We did get most our our products through but we used to lose about 30% at Australian Customs.  We used  to lose even more when we shipped from Thailand. Im absolutely sure Iv’e seen one of our own packages, that we sent from Thailand being deconstructed on the above TV show to show all those little pink thai anabol pills we used to send over. As a result we had to put our steroid prices up for the Australian market to cover the losses we used to make at the  border.  We then started sending steroids and HGH from the UK and this was an improvement although still not great. We still lost steroids and growth hormone at Oz border security.

We now ship from Australia

Dont let border force Australia seize your gear


To find a way around these problems we decided to ship large packages of gear to a business partner in Australia who holds the steroids HGH etc.. and sends it out in the  Australian post as we get orders coming in. It avoids sending lots of little steroid orders through Australian customs and we know once we get the larger order through its there with no problems so we can send it out as and when orders come in. This method has another advantage in that we can keep our HGH refrigerated better as it doesn’t have to hang around the Australian postal system for ages like our other orders did.

Buy Steroids Australia

Buy steroids Australia. If you want to order anything please contact us using our contact form to check which steroids and HGH products we currently have in stock in Australia. As you can imagine we do run out of items and we can’t tell when they will be back in stock until we get our next package through. If you are interested in steroids Australia please contact use using the form.

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