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5Kits and Scammers

Of course people need to be wary when buying any product from the internet and especially so when buying controlled drugs such as HGH and steroids  because of scammers. 5kitshgh.bz is absolutely committed to routing out these con men and providing a first class legit service to its customers. In fact 5kitshgh.bz has itself been hit by an imposter using our brand name and ruining our reputation. The 5kits scammer mostly uses the website 5kits.bz as well as others. This in turn has caused some confusion and we have been associated with him.

If you are ordering from 5kits make sure the website you are ordering from is 5kitshgh.bz and not any other. If you order from 5kitshgh.bz you wont have any problems from the scammer out there. Never send any money to China. The 5kits scammers are a Chinese gang. Never send western union to China, this is a big warning sign if they ask for this. Any other country is fine.

Western union and bitcoin scammer and legit

Steroid and HGH sellers (as well as those using the darknet) will often ask for payment in bitcoin or via western union. Often potential customers will ask, “why can’t I use paypal so my purchase is safe”.  Well the simple answer to this is that HGH and steroids are controlled drugs. Therefore sellers have to take payments via bitcoin or western union to protect themselves from being apprehended by law enforcement. Especially the DEA.  Also the AFT. We cant take payments by credit cards or paypal simply because they are so easily traceable.

And yes scammers will also use these methods but legitimate HGH steroid sellers such as 5kitshgh.bz will use these methods too. This is because they have to. There is at present no other choice for us. So apart from scammers genuine HGH merchants such as ourselves will also ask for payment to be made in this way because we have no other options.

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