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Performance Enhancing Drugs

HGH is classed as a performance enhancing drug

Performance enhancing drugs cover a wide spectrum of  substances. Anabolic steroids was the original drug which the term “performance Enhancing Drugs” was coined to describe. But now it can cover a whole host of other drugs which can aid a sports persons performance.

The list of performance enhancing drugs include

  • Muscle mass builders such as anabolic steroids, HGH and Xenoandrogens
  • Stimulants such as Ephedrine and Amphetamine
  • Nootropics such as Semax which can increase brain function and cognition
  • Painkillers such as Ibuprofen or powerful narcotics
  • Sedatives and Anxiolytics such as propranolol to help calm nerves
  • Blood enhancers such as EPO which increases the bloods oxygen carrying ability.

Human Growth Hormone is probably the most effective way to enhance performance

HGH is very effective choice for those wishing to use performance enhancing drugs. In bodybuilders it will increase muscle mass and shorten recovery times between each training session.

HGH can boost a sports performance

HGH will also improve the ability of the muscles to utilise nutrients effectively. This helps with the formation of new muscle. The muscle gained through using HGH is different to that gained using anabolic steroids. HGH will increase the number of new muscle cells and also of new muscle fibres within those cells. Anabolic steroids will only increase the size of each muscle cell.

HGH aids injury resistance

There is good evidence that sports people using HGH are more resistant to sports injury. Its known to increase connective tissue. Its also known to help with recovery from fatigue and injury.

HGH and Sprinting

In a recent study in Australia HGH was found to have a marked effect on sprinting times. The researchers speculated that the boost from growth hormone alone is enough to shave off about half a second in a 10-second sprint over 100 meters. That little time “divides the winner from the last place finisher,” said Ho.

HGH and weightlifting

More weightlifters are turning to HGH to help prolong their careers. The weightlifters using HGH tend to be older and have been in the game for a long time. With the availability of cheap performance enhancing drugs bought from the internet. Any body can lift their game, whether it be strength or speed based.

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