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Buy Jintropin from 5kits. Jintropin was the original quality product from Gensci Bioscience who were producing Jintropin from China and Hong Kong at the turn of the millennium. The Jintropin human growth hormone was so good that the big Western companies became worried that too many people would buy Jintropin and not their products.

This led to Jintropin HGH being banned from western markets in 2007 however the product was absolutely fine even though it was only for sale in China. Jintropin from China became a hard thing for someone in Europe or the USA to get their hands on. It even became difficult to buy Jintropin online. This is because the market gap was filled by fakers and copiers who made an inferior product. Real Jintropin HGH from Gensci Bioscience, Jintropin from China, was only available in China.

5 kits Jintropin 500iu $800

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Mexican and Russian Jintropin is sold under licence and legit


After 2007 Gensci Bioscience began legally making their products in Russia and Mexico. This has allowed some access to western markets. You can also buy Jintropin human growth hormone from some pharmacies in Mexico. You can also buy jintropin Mexico city at certain shops. As mentioned its recently been easier to get hold of genuine Jintropin (from the original makers)

Buy Jintropin UK

The UK has always been a great customer base for Jintropin.Its also legal for buyers to possess HGH for their own consumption. Its even legal for people travelling into the UK to buy Jintropin HGH and carry it into the UK in their luggage quite legally. People can buy Jintropin online UK quite legally.


Most of the fakers and copiers of the original Gensci product have moved on to new products so its now becoming safer to buy this somatropin product and be assured that you are getting the real article. This product has all the usual benefits of human growth hormone: Increase height in children, slows the ageing process and builds muscle mass as well as a host of other things.

Check the serial numbers

When buying this item just be sure to check the serial numbers against the Gensci website to make sure its an original product and that it has seal on the box which will have little fibres as its removed. It goes without say to make sure that the box has not been tampered with.


Jintropin 100iu kits

The box contains 10x10iu vials containing a white freeze dried powder which must be mixed with water before injecting. The bacteriostatic water is included in the HGH kit. This popular human growth hormone product became very difficult to obtain after 2007 but now with production starting in Russia and Mexico its now become a little easier to buy. The Chinese plant is also in full production.


Some staff who used to work at Gensci left to make hypertropin

Note: A lot of the people who were involved in the manufacture of this human growth hormone product left to make Hypertropin after the plant ran into legal difficulties. Most of the staff and most of the original fermentation equipment was used to produce the excellent hypertropin which is now considered the best black market HGH today

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