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IGF-1 Long R3 can be better than HGH

Some people respond well to IGF-1 Long R3 while others do not

IGF stands for Insulin like Growth Factor

By Zhao. IGF-1 Long R3 (we will simply refer to it as IGF for simplicities sake) is produced naturally in the body in response to the presence of HGH either naturally occurring or injected. IGF is the molecule which primarily creates the muscle we see in body builders who use HGH. The point you must understand is that some users will not respond to injections of IGF whilst others will. Due to some unknown biochemical reason. Whereas everybody will respond to HGH.

IGF is taken for the express production of muscle and so it is preferred by body builders (assuming it affects them) It will produce muscle faster than HGH but without the anti-ageing properties that HGH has. Its for this reason that the anti-ageing users prefer HGH whilst body builders prefer IGF.
IGF does not have the same rejuvenating properties such as: smoother skin, improved mental capabilities, greater sex drive, fuller hair growth etc. IGF is also not used for as long as a typical HGH course. approx 2 months for IGF whilst a HGH course is typically 2-4 months.

What’s better for you HGH or IGF?

Well it depends what you want to achieve. If you want to gain muscle mass relatively quickly and are not too concerned about anti-ageing or body rejuvenation then IGF would probably be better for you. This is of course if the IGF will work its magic on you.

Dont forget IGF does not work on all people. If you are more concerned about looking younger and stopping the ageing process and benefit from all the anti-ageing properties of HGH human growth hormone, then obviously HGH would be best for you. HGH, of course also builds muscle as well as slowing the ageing process. The only way to know whether IGF will work on you is to try it and see.

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