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We offer a large range of HGH peptides and human growth hormone products shipped domestically from the uk. Our UK Re-shipper will send to you domestically in the UK post, parcelforce. Do not risk losing your item at UK customs or even worse getting charged with importing drugs.

HGH Supplies in the UK are Legal

HGH UK prices are similar to those worldwide, with the possible exception of Australia where prices are high because of the legal status of human growth hormone there. The advantage of living in the UK is that you can buy HGH legally and as long as its for your own consumption you have nothing to worry about.

There is one proviso to this. Human growth hormone prices went up in the UK in 2012 when it became illegal to order HGH online from overseas. You can still buy HGH without prescription when you are abroad and bring it back with you in your luggage. Human growth hormone prices were affected a little by this and they subsequently rose slightly.

HGH Human Growth Hormone legal status in the UK

This states that so long as HGH in your possession is  for your own consumption and not for resale you are within the law. You do not need a prescription to buy HGH whilst you are abroad and bring it back home with you. People are using human growth hormone mostly for non medical purposes. By this we mean body builders are using HGH in the UK to gain muscle, obviously! Also a greater  number of women are using it to slow the signs of ageing. Its true that growth hormone will rejuvenate the skin, burn fat, and increase bone density.

HGH UK Online

Buy HGH in the UK without having to import it. no issues with customs or the law

Its true that since the import ban in 2012 sales of online HGH into the UK have fallen. People are not wanting to break the law. A lot of people now fly abroad specifically to buy HGH and bring it back to the UK with the. Whilst its legal to do this there are a few points to remember. Be careful if you are coming through a country where the law on human growth hormone is different. Dubai is a case in point where the drug laws are very strict. There’s no point in complicating the issue further by involving the laws of a third country. Try and get a direct flight back to the UK.

Let 5kits HGH UK supplies take care of your order

The UK is one of the countries in which we hold stock. Please contact us to buy any of our human growth hormone products. We ship domestically so depending on what time of day you make payment (and what time we collect it) you could have it next day. Otherwise its 1-2 working days delivery times. We provide full tracking with Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Stealth packaging

We provide full stealth packaging. Nobody will know whats in your package except you.

We package all our products discreetly so if make an order of UK human growth hormone, it will get through the post without any problems. Our packages do not rattle or make any noises that indicate whats inside. We also cover in foil  (underneath the outer packaging) as sometimes Royal Mail (and parcel force) X rays domestic parcels and packages transiting through its logistics centre.

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