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Buy HGH Pen from 5kits HGH

For your ease of use we now offer many of the pre-filled HGH pens such as Norditropin and Genotropin. No messing around measuring liquids etc. You could even inject in your lunch hour. These HGH pens are more expensive than the HGH powders which you have to mix yourself  as  they come straight form the big pharmaceutical suppliers.

However they do offer ease of use and an excellent way to inject the absolute correct amount of HGH. The pens are similar to insulin pens, where the correct dosage is obtained by simply dialing the amount you want into the pen and then injecting. The needles are extremely fine and enough of the needle tips come supplied with each pen to last the course. Each needle tip may be used more than once thanks to the self sterilizing features of the pen.

The pens come in unopened original packaging and have expiry dates and authentication numbers where supplied. You can confirm the authenticity of these products by checking them on the manufacturers websites.

Order HGH pens if you are not confident about mixing

The HGH powders we suply are excellent value for money and are fairly easy to mix to the correct dosages and store safely in the fridge. You should order these pens only if you dont want to mix HGH powders yourself and are not confident about doing so. But if you want more bangs for your bucks it would be better to buy he unmixed HGH powders and have a go yourself. Its easy to mix HGH once you know how and we supply everything you need such as alcohol wipes etc.

Genotropin 36iu go quick pen

5 kits

5x36iu Genotropin go quick pens  (total 180iu) $900



Norditropin 45iu HGH Pen

5 kits

5x45iu Norditropin HGH pens (225iu) $960

Norditropin 45iu HGH pen

Norditropin 90iu HGH Pen

5 Kits

5x90iu Norditropin HGH pens (450iu) $900

Norditropin HGH pen


Omnitrope 100iu HGH pen

5 Kits

5x30iu cartridges Omnitrope with pen (total 150iu) $600


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