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Glotropin 10x8iu

Glotropin unbiased info and reviews

Glotropin HGH

Information at a glance

  • Manufactured by: Global Biotech/Global Anabolic
  • In production since: 2005-up to present day
  • Originating from: Probably China
  • Cost: $4-$10 per IU
  • HGH variant: 191 amino acid
  • Purity: 4/5
  • Availability: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Theres some confusion as to who is the actual manufacturer of Glotropin. It used to be Global Biotech Ltd now it seems to be manufactured by Global Anabolic Org. In any case its Global something because of the prefix (Glo)tropin. In truth its probably an underground Chinese lab re-labelled as  something (Glotropin) to give it a brand name and make it a more sellable product.

Glotropin 10x8iu
Glotropin comes in Kits of 80iu

Glotropin is particularly prevalent in Thailand and its possible to buy it over the counter in certain licensed pharmacies without prescription. If you are buying it from a Thai pharmacy try and make sure its been stored properly i.e at the correct temperature. I have seen it stacked behind the counter in some pharmacies at the wrong temperature which could cause some degradation. The quality is actually quite good and there have been no major reports of any problems with contamination. It comes in different packs of 10x4iu and 10x8iu vials.


Glotropin is 191 amino acid variant HGH so there should be no problems with contamination or rejection.  In serum tests good results are reported with high IGF-1 and  growth hormone levels. As you already know, the main purpose of HGH is to produce high levels of IGF-1 which accounts for most of the effects of human growth hormone and Glotropin  produces  high levels of the hormone as shown by the below serum tests.

In summary Glotropin could seem to be a really good buy judging by the reviews and serum tests. It just doesn’t have the brand recognition of other more well know human growth hormone brands.

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