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Generic HGH by convention usually comes with blue tops

Is Generic HGH worth it?

What is generic HGH, is it any good and should I buy it?

What is generic HGH?

This is simply human growth hormone thats been made by a smaller company or operation and is unbranded. A good analogy to think about is when you are at the supermarket and you are looking for hay fever tablets. Along the shelves at eye height you will find the most expensive branded stuff.

Find the cheaper generic stuff

Then if you look down to the bottom shelf you may find the supermarkets generic equivalent at usually half the price. It contains exactly the same drug and does exactly the same thing it just doesn’t have a brand name or fancy packaging. This is basically what generic HGH should be. Although with HGH there are a few more things to consider.

Generic HGH traditionally comes in blue tops. This however is no guarantee of the quality of the stuff inside the vial. Its also useful to fakers who can package them up as a more expensive brand.

Generic HGH usually comes with blue tops and sometimes green tops. Don’t take much notice of the colour of the tops as its easy to put any colour tops on any bottles. The maker could put rainbow coloured tops on if they wanted. It doesn’t make any difference to the quality of the stuff inside the vial.

Fakers often buy generic HGH and repackage them as a more expensive brand to increase the value. Some cheaper brands such as Riptropin and Getropin are thought to be made in this way. Some people get good batches and some people end up with low grade dirty HGH. You take your chance when you buy these brands.

Is it any good?

Some of its very good but its impossible to know which. You are putting a lot of trust in your vendor when you buy generic HGH. A lot of it comes about as some of the Chinese HGH labs try to get around government controls and licensing by not branding their products. This could mean a very good lab has produced the drug.

It could also mean its contaminated crap. You could buy the HGH and get it tested at laboratory level. This is very expensive and only worthwhile if you plan to buy in bulk. Or you could use it and see what happens. You should do some blood serum tests while you are using it. This is less expensive than getting the generic HGH tested in  the lab.

Should I buy It ?

Yes, if you are looking to buy regular large amounts of HGH. If you get it tested and its fine you have hit the jackpot. Great HGH at a bulk discount price. However if you are only planning to use HGH once, or just want to try it as a first time its best to avoid generic HGH. Perhaps it would be better for the one time user to stick to a quality brand such as Jintropin or Genotropin and avoid the generic stuff altogether.



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