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Fragment 176-191

Buy Fragment 176-191 to burn fat

This peptide hormone actually consists of the last 15 amino acids of the regular human growth hormone we are all familiar with. People buy fragment 176-191 primarily to burn fat. Its been shown that it burns fat 12 times faster than regular growth hormone. It also prevents lipolysis happening so new fat is not laid down. The good thing about fragment 176-191 is that it removes most of the fat from the stomach area. This is an area which is traditionally very hard to remove the last vestiges of stomach fat and so its become popular for this reason.

Other benefits of fragment 176-191

Its also thought to slow down the ageing process. It has a definite role in the process of laying down and strengthening of bone. Its also shown to increase energy in bursts and to also use the calories at the same time. It will not adversely effect insulin or blood glucose levels. Another major benefit is that fragment 176-191 is anti-catabolic. This means it prevents the breakdown of those hard won muscles. With it properties of fat removal and muscle preservation its no wonder its often used when coming up to competition.

How to use fragment 176-191

If your thinking of buying fragment 176-191 you will need to know how to use it. Firstly it must be injected much more often than normal HGH. You may even need to inject it 5-6 times per day as it has a short half life. You need to use it about 1 hour before you eat and before you go to the gym. Its important not to inject just immediately before eating. People buy fragment 176-191 primarily as an aid to reduce body fat. As such its important to stick to a low calorie diet to reap the optimum benefits from it.

Side effects and storage

Serious side effects have not been shown with use of fragment 176-191. Perhaps the only thing that happens is a sore injection site. As such its better to rotate the injection site especially as it has to be injected often. The product must also be used quite quickly as it has a short shelf life of approx 1 week. Like HGH its quite an unstable molecule which must be handled gently during preparation.

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