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Equipoise veterinary or human?

Buy Equipoise also known as Boldenone

Strength of Equipoise

This steroid needs to be taken in quite large doses compared to other steroids. So if you buy equipoise you should buy enough for your cycle. Usually minimum 400mg per week. A lot of equipoise needs to be taken at the start of any cycle containing this steroid. This has to do with the lag time and half life of equipoise. Which is relatively long.

As mentioned in the title equipoise was originally meant for cattle and livestock etc. But body builders began to buy equipoise when they couldn’t get their hand on anything else.



Equipoise needs to be front loaded

Because of the long half life you need to take quite a lot of this compound at the start of any cycle. Then come down to normal levels after the first week. So, if you intended taking 250mg twice a week. In the first week you would take 1000mg on the first day of the steroid cycle. Many people say that equipoise is not really an effective anabolic steroid, but this isn’t true. They just don’t front load at the start of the cycle. Equipoise is often stacked with trenbolone which enhances the effect of the trenbolone and so allowing the user to take less. Although equipoise works quite well its not as popular as it used to be. This is not because there is anything wrong with it. Its just that there steroids out there that will do a better job.

Side effects

These are not great. In fact equipoise is considered to be quite low on the scale when talking about masculinising effects. In fact equipoise is considered to be safe for women to use. It can produce some estrogen and the so you should have some anti-estrogen products on hand. Products such as proviron, nolvadex or arimidex should do fine. Equipoise has been around for a considerable time now and its good to use if you cant find a more modern steroid.

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