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What colour tops are the best for HGH

Can I tell which is the best HGH by the coloured tops on the vials?

Well I guess we are talking about generic HGH here because the more established brands have their own specified colours.  Come across any HGH forum and you will see guys posting pictures of vials with different coloured caps asking if theirs is fake or not. Then there is the usually banter of who got good results from which colour and who got bad results etc..STOP it doesn’t matter what colour tops they put on generic vials of HGH. Its whats inside that counts.

At present blue top HGH seems to be in favour

Well all we can say that someone has got hold of some half decent HGH and has put blue tops on it. It wont last, the fakers or those with low quality HGH will notice that blue tops are quite popular. Then they will start placing these on their own mediocre and downright dangerous HGH. Then blue tops will go out of favour.

Its easy to place any colour top on any vial

One of he more downright devious things that fakers do is to buy some yellow tops and put them on generic HGH and package it up to look like Jintropin. So as you can see its best not to take any notice of  coloured plastic caps on vials of generic HGH. Today its even very easy to get anything embossed on  the plastic caps too. So don’t think this offers any indications as to the quality of the HGH inside.


How can I know that its good gear?

Certainly not by the colour of the tops, thats for sure. The only way to get it checked out is to pay for expensive lab tests. Or you can pay for less expensive serum tests after you have been using it for a while. But of course this means injecting an unknown quantity into your body first. A favourite of mine is to give a few vials to the most obnoxious guy at the gym and see if he drops dead after a week (only joking).

Please don’t Think that all generic HGH is bad

It certainly isn’t. If you get hold of a decent batch and a trustworthy supplier keep with him. He will probably carry on providing decent HGH. Whats best of all generic HGH with all the different coloured tops can be great value for money. Just don’t let your guard down with it. Even if you have a trusted supplier its also possible for him to be duped as well. Always be on your guard where unlabelled (different coloured topped) HGH is concerned.

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