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HGH can work wonders unlike steroids

Can HGH really slow ageing?

New evidence has shown that HGH can slow ageing and reverse the appearance of ageing

For a long time most of the jury was out on whether or not HGH supplements can slow or halt ageing. Most of the literature ended with the conclusion “more research needs to be done”.  Well the research has slowly been trickling in over the years a and its leaning towards the conclusion that its seems it can! More importantly the research more strongly points to the fact that HGH can increase our healthy quality of life as we get older.

HGH can be beneficial in many area’s related to ageing

There are many ways HGH can help fight ageing. Take, for instance, your skin. Human growth hormone is known to regenerate skin cells and more importantly collagen. Its the collagen which plumps out our skin and gives it its elasticity. This is why doctors treat burns victims with human growth hormone. To regenerate skin and collagen. HGH can slow and reverse thinning skin in the elderly as well as create new skin in burns victims.

Better hair and nails

Ever noticed how often you have to cut your child’s nails? This is because children are full of HGH and so their hair and nails grow at a quicker rate than adults. They also produce better quality hair and nails and this is thought to have something to do with HGH.

Women can take HGH safely and avoid problems associated with steroids

Bone mass and muscle

As we get older both sexes lose bone and muscle mass through processes known as osteoporosis and sarcopenia. This is the area where the evidence is strongest and is actually without doubt. Human growth hormone will increase bone and muscle mass. Whilst women may not want big muscles this is not a problem as just adjusting the dose will give you the required outcome. Also if large muscle are not wanted just don’t go weightlifting.

Improved Metabolism and fat reduction

Those suffering with growth hormone deficiency seem to have problems with obesity. One of the reasons HGH is prescribed to patients with growth hormone deficiency is to reduce fat levels. This is thought to be because of improved metabolic function. Its also why we seem to get a middle age spread (due to low levels of HGH)

Scientific studies now prove fat loss and muscle gain in healthy older people

Now, in one of the largest and far ranging studies so far of human growth hormone in healthy older people, researchers discovered that it can markedly transform older folks bodies. The effects were quite incredible. Those who took HGH gained lean body mass, much of which was found  to be muscle, and lost fat as if they had been working out in a gym, lifting weights and doing aerobic exercise.

Some men gained 12 pounds of lean body mass and lost an equivalent amount of fat. Yet the subjects, who ranged in age from their mid-60’s to their late 80’s, were sedentary and did not exercise or change their diets. Bone mass and density was also increased.

Improved eyesight

This is an area that most people don’t really associate with HGH. Human growth hormone has been shown to improve eyesight in the elderly through a process that is not fully understood. Its thought that growth hormone strengthens the muscle needed to focus the lens of the eye so reduce the need for reading glasses. Its seems it also generally improves the function of the eyes by increasing the numbers of rods and cones in the retina.


We will devout a whole page to this subject as its something thats not only associated with anti-ageing, see the menu.

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