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Andriol oral testosterone treatment

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Buy andriol for a small increase in testosterone

When we talk about andriol we are in fact referring to testosterone undecanoate. This is a quite new form of testosterone treatment and it gets into the body in a slightly different way than the usual steroid tablets or injections. Its actually a unique form of oral testosterone steroid. Its bypasses the liver because its absorbed in the large intestine. Its oil based so it absorbed in the body by the lymphatic system which means that it can be taken almost indefinitely without any worry of damage to the liver. Buy andriol if you want an oral testosterone with no liver damage.

Andriol Bioavailability

Andriol is absorbed by the lymphatic system. Restandol is a brand name for Andriol

There are some issues with Andriol. Being absorbed into the body by the lymphatic system means that the availability of testosterone is less than would be if injected or taken orally as with the traditional C17 alkylated steroid tablets. This means that for muscle growth you would need to take 8-10 capsules daily If its just to boost flagging testosterone levels a lesser amount will suffice. Its fair to say though that massive muscle gains are never seen with andriol.

So where does all this testosterone go if its not available to create muscle. Well, the problem is with absorption. Its neither consistent nor predictable. One day the absorption of testosterone in the system can be high the next day low, even in the same subject. Andriol uptake was shown to be unpredictably absorbed and utilized with blood levels ranging wildly. Bioavailability has been shown to be only 7% as an average. However this is considred a clinically significant rise of plasma concentrations of testosterone.

Andriol is a treatment for low testosterone and has been shown to be a treatment for impotence

In the male Andriol  Testosterone replacement therapy can be used  for primary or secondary hypogonadal disorders, for example: You may wish to buy andriol for any of the following reasons.

1. After removal of the testicles.

2. Eunuchoidism.

3. Hypopituitarism.

4. Endocrine impotence.

5. Male climacteric symptoms such as decreased libido and decreased feeling of general well-being and fitness

6. Certain types of infertility due to spermatogenesis disorders. Moreover, in men testosterone therapy may be beneficial in osteoporosis treatment due to androgen deficiency.

Andriol Dosage

Because Andriol is absorbed by the body its important that its taken with food and NEVER CHEWED it must be swallowed whole. Its usually recommended to take half the andriol in the morning and the other half in the evening. If the dosages cannot be split evenly its nest to take the larger portion of andriol in the morning.

Andriol Testocaps

Andriol should never be chewed, it must reach the lower gut in one piece to be absorbed properly

These are a popular andriol product. They are oil filled gelatine capsules which, as I mentioned must be swallowed whole. You must swallow them whole so as they get to the intestines in one piece. Here they are more readily absorbed  than if digested in the stomach. They are made by Organon which produce many steroid hormones.


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